Digital Media Activation

Targeted digital media campaigns get your message in front of your fans in a cost efficient and effective way.

Using your unique Fan DNA, we are able to find segments of fans wherever they browse.

The SportsDesk platform uses the Ad Exchange versus going direct to publishers. This enables real-time purchase of unsold inventory at a lower cost per thousand (CPM.)

Your ads will be seen across multiple sites, channels and devices

We will work with your Web and Ticketing partners to place tracking pixels that allow us to collect the data needed to profile fans and show true ROI based on purchase data.

We work with you to detetmine the best combination of retargeting, prospecting and contextual advertising to meet your objectives.

Inventory is available via display (tablet and PC), Facebook, Twitter, Linked and mobile. We optimize to your objectives (sales, impressions, etc.)

You provide the creative assets or we can create your campaign at an incremental fee.

Each week your Client Success Manager will send you a report showing impressions, clicks and conversions (sales).

At the end of a campaign we provide a detailed Fan Analysis as well as your ROI.

Interested in a proposal? Send us a note!